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ESA not only provides solutions during the design phase, but also afterwards to its customers.

It performs the electro-installation of a project designed to perform electrical switching and protection operations in facilities, ensures that it is installed in the designed form, and commissioned in accordance with the project and process.

The breakers, protection relays, measurement and power transformers, measurement devices, cables, etc. used in such a project are assembled, tested and commissioned by ESA's expert teams in accordance with standards and in compliance with safety requirements for life and property.

In this way, ESA's long-standing domestic and international commitment experience in this field helps prevent potential problems and delays in system start-up.


  • Component, System, and Integration Testing

  • Test plan, Test procedure, Test schedule

  • Component testing

  • Testing of interacting components and system testing

  • Verification of system parameters and system configurations

  • Integration testing

  • Test documents (test certificates and test protocols)

  • Process commissioning

  • Functional testing and process initiation

  • Performance testing

  • Acceptance of the facility


The service covers the installation and commissioning of sub-systems (including transformers, motors, and generators) in industrial and infrastructure facilities. The aim is to bring the designed systems to life with the help of ESA experts.

Our goal is to ensure that systems and devices are installed and commissioned in compliance with standards, in order to prevent any potential malfunctions and damage in the future, and to ensure that the functions of the systems and devices are utilized to the fullest extent possible.


  • Installation of cable routes, including fire barriers

  • Cable laying and termination

  • Cable management and connections for all voltages

  • Installation of complete industrial projects, including the installation of individual electrical components

  • Switchgear installations up to 500 kV

  • Motors and generators

  • Transformers

  • Pumps

  • Converters and voltage control devices

  • Emergency power supply

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