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ESA teams develop the software of all projects they undertake. The main programming systems include Siemens Simatic Series PLC programming, Siemens WinCC process control system programming, process control system programming with MS Visual Basic .NET, and the implementation of other brand PLC, Scada software, and reporting systems if required.

PLC System Software:

PLC systems have become increasingly important in the industrial field with the rapid advancement of technology. PLC systems are used in every point from a small machine in a workshop to the control of a large factory. ESA uses Simatic S5, Simatic S7, and Simatic PCS7 software as the PLC system.

ESA teams can provide the most suitable solution by creating a standard library based on years of experience or developing standard software specific to the facility at the customer's request.

PLC systems should be preferred for faster, less problematic operation of facilities and machines and faster intervention times in the event of malfunctions.

There are a wide variety of devices, all of which are designed entirely according to needs. ESA teams inspect your machine or facility, obtain the necessary data, and offer you the most suitable configuration.

Programming of PLC systems must be based on how your machine or facility needs to operate. ESA Technics PLC software team inspects your facility with you, determines the operating logic and locks with you, and implements these applications without any problems.

Process Control Systems:

It is very easy to see what is happening in your facility or machine instantly, detect malfunctions immediately, and start or stop production with a button. We provide different solutions ranging from operator panel systems to redundant server systems according to your needs. The most suitable system is determined by ESA Technics teams according to your needs and offered to you.

Operator panel systems can be used to control and monitor small facilities, machines, or units. Server systems are generally used for general control purposes and data from all points in facilities are monitored, tracked, analyzed, and controlled. Systems consisting of a single station or two servers and dozens of client machines that will work in parallel can be established.

ESA mainly uses Siemens WinCC, Siemens PCS7 software in process control systems. Solutions are offered to you by benefiting from ESA's archive formed over the years and software specifically developed for the facility.

Reporting Systems:

Monitoring and increasing efficiency in production processes is very important for facilities that produce today. In this context, we establish reporting systems to improve production processes. All kinds of data at the production points in your facility are transferred to our servers through our systems and archived for a long time. It is possible to prepare and print out these archived data either in the form of curves or as Excel format reports. Production processes can be tracked thanks to these reports.


Additional features are provided according to the needs of customers, and custom software is developed if required.

Otomasyon Sistem Çözümlerimiz

 - Simens Simatic S5

 - Simens Simatic S7 (200-1200-300-400-1500)

 - Simens Simatic TIA Portal

 - Simens Simatic PCS7 (V4-V9)

 - Simens Simatic Cemat V4-V8 Industrial Standarts

 - Simens Simatic S88 Industrial Standarts

 - Simens Simatic WinCC

 - Simens Simatic WinCC Flexible

 - Simens Simatic Protool HMI

 - Simens Simatic Industrial Comunication

 - Profinet Industrial Network Protocols

 - ProfiBUS Industrial Network Protocols

 - Modbus-Modbus TCP Industrial Network Protocols

 - AsiBUS Industrial Network Protocols

 - Simens Simatic Process Historian Reporting System

 - Aspentech IP21 Reporting System

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