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Our company is equipped to execute all commitments and projects with our own teams, in addition to managing MV and LV switchgear panel design and project planning tasks.

All projects are prepared in accordance with the standard typicals established by ESA or as per the standards specified by our clients.

We utilize EPlan or AutoCAD programs to generate electrical projects that meet the desired standards of our clients. Our projects can be delivered to the client in any requested format.

Our projects incorporate advanced features, including automatic generation of clamp plans, cabinet internal/external cable plans, field clamp connection plans, material lists, cross references (contactors-contacts, buttons-contacts, etc.), as well as the use of thousands of ready-made symbols and hundreds of macros. These features ensure the completion of error-free electrical projects in the shortest possible time.

Upon completion of the commissioning works, our as-built documents provide the final versions of the projects that have been worked on in the field and are delivered to the client.

We guarantee to provide our clients with a finished project that is error-free and of the highest quality.


  • Design of Medium Voltage Facilities

  • Short Circuit and Coordination Calculations for Medium Voltage Systems

  • Design of Low Voltage Systems

  • Low Voltage Current Path Projects and Typical Designs

  • Facility Grounding Projects

  • Facility Building, Site and Environmental Lighting Projects

  • Design and Project Planning for UPS and DC Distribution Panels

  • Field Tray Route Design and Project Planning

  • Design and Project Planning for Electrical Rooms

  • Preparation of Power and Control Cable Selection and Lists

  • Preparation of Cable Pulling Lists for Assembly

  • Preparation of Connection Projects for Assembly

  • Field Instrument Lists, Field Application Projects

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